King's Poetry

Super Cool Poet!




Here are a few samples...




I know my mom and dad named me that

for a reason.

I just don’t know why.


While I’m trying to find out

my brain hurts from the pressure.




People say it’s a person that rules

someone and lives in a kingdom and

is fancy.


But, I don’t think that.


I think a King is someone that is Kind.

Not someone that rules someone.


Wearing a crown, sitting on your throne,

calling your butler...


When really that crown is a baseball cap

And that throne is a wooden chair

And your butler is just you friend.


On  a throne and having a butler

doesn’t mean you’re a King.

If you’re a King, you help people

You pick  people  up when

they are falling down


And that’s the King

I want to be.



Yelling. SHOUTING.

All the screams echoing

in the air.


That scream doesn’t go away

It stays in the earth’s core


waiting for another sentence to make

this world explode.


staying SILENT

so you can live

so you can see your sons sons

and daughters daughters


don’t stand there and just be silent




Don’t wait, STAY LOUD!


Make the change with your voice




Don’t lose your truth.







Solving the puzzle. Making every piece count.

every moment in your life is a piece of a puzzle.


So make every piece go in the right place


one thing, one action, one piece


will disappear


Looking for that moment


day and night

still can’t, then you give up.


You start over and just because of that one piece,

your body changes. your mood changes and most of all,


your heart changes.


Digging deeper in your brain trying to remember

what you’ve forgotten


But it was there the whole time.

You just wanted it to pass.


That moment

Pass that thought

But, you can’t.


All along it was your heart feeling the pain

Just because of that one piece


But you didn’t lose that piece.


You just never thought about it.

You never thought about








I was born...


looking at the sky

wondering and trying to remember

all the things that i did as a little boy


staring. still can’t.

then you go to when you were born

finding ivmages of your past

looking. looking again.

then all of a sudden

tiny memories come to your head


all those little boy and little girl pictures

were once you too.


sometimes your personality changes

as you get older

I don’t think my personality changed,

but maybe it did.

Everyone in this world has moments

that are good and bad and most of those

good memories were when you


were born.


I was born

on the 9th day, the 9th month at 9pm