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12 and Under Super Cool Poetry Open Mic!!


King  plans to continue to host his SUPER COOL OPEN MIC in spaces all over the city of Detroit and around the country. A series of workshops will support the open mic series.


"King did a very successful open mic at Good Cakes and Bakes in Detroit. Kids showed up, but he noticed that many of them didn't bring poems. We spoke about this afterward, and I offered to do workshops before the open mic, so he could just focus on hosting."  - jessica Care moore,  Poet, King's Mom. "We are very excited that the culminating performance will be hosted by the world-famous Motown museum, Hitsville USA, in the summer.  We will also be using the grant money to pay for a collection of poems created  by the kids in all the workshops."


Moore continues, "It's about empowering him to empower his peers. He's much cooler than me. I am very proud of this youth advocacy work he is doing at such a young age. Our kids don't have to wait to be heard. Their voices are important and we need them now more than ever."

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